Artist's Statement


My work explores themes of change and evolution; environmental, social and personal. I am fascinated by finding parallels in seemingly juxtaposed objects and life forms, exploring this concept through imagery of growth, development and randomness. Specifically, I work with the idea of destruction and degradation, and new life that can come out of these things. I also have a fascination with the provocative, and work with themes of human sexuality and pleasure- pushing the creative boundary in my current illustrations.

I realize these visions through a variety of media, primarily illustration and relief printing.

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Chiara Sarter

Multi-media artist with relief printing specialty.


Chiara still calls two places home, the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Fe, NM. She graduated from Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI, with a major in Biology.

A recently discovered love for the natural sciences and a long-time obsession with the outdoors, her current work is influced by natural phenomena and scientific processes, as well as the human body and sexuality.

Chiara has a deep love for traditional printmaking techniques, including etching, linoleum and woodblock processes.