Linoleum, woodblock, etching and aquatint from 2015

Gathered from a variety of inspiration, this body represents artistic narratives through detailed mark-making.


2012-2014, acrylic, oil, watercolor and large scale works on variety of surfaces


This body spans many artistic phases and styles. Some work was commissioned, some personal.



Acrylic paintings, 2012-2015

Commissioned private and public pieces. Variant locations.

Biological Illustrations

2015, ink, watercolor and traditional printmaking techniques

Inspired by studies in biology, these illustrations work to explain scientific phenomenon with an artistic eye


Illustration Design

2015, Ink and Papercut Works

Commissioned designs and personal works on paper.


2013-2015 selected personal sketches

Sketches from Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Turkey, Michigan and California. A selection of watercolor and ink images, personal and preliminary designs for larger pieces.

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